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Ice Cream

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We now have ice cream available for PICKUP only.

Just 4 simple ingredients and sweetened with allulose. This is a true Keto ice cream without all the weird fillers and thickeners you get at the grocery store. We slow churn the ice cream in small batches and everyone says it tastes just like it's truly home made.

Prescooped in 5oz servings, 272 calories and 0g Net Carbs. 

We suggest eating your ice cream or sundae right away but if you want to take it home you MUST bring a cooler of some sort. It starts to melt right out of the freezer.

We also have a wide variety of toppings to make Sundaes. All of our sauces, whip cream, and sprinkles are made in house, so they are celiac safe.

You can come in and get your ice cream or you can preorder in advance.


You can find all ingredient lists and nutritional information under the "Nutrition Info"tab on our main menu. All Keto items are sweetened with erythritol and alluose. We are a 100% gluten free bakery.

Shipping & Returns

We have restarted shippping most of our items again. Please see our "shippble desserts" menu for details. Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer returns. We are not responsible for products that are damaged or delayed in transit.

Customer Reviews

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I can't believe it's Keto!

I honestly wasn't sure if I'd ever have ice cream again until I found this AND it's delicious!