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Cupcake Kit- plain cupcakes and a container of icing for shipping

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A build your own cupcake kit! Choose your cupcake flavor and icing and we will ship the baked cakes with the icing in a separate container. Thaw and use your favorite tip to create your own delicious and beautiful Keto Cupcakes!

*full nutritional information provided for on the main menu

**Vegan chocolate cakes are made with liquid egg replacer and the icing is made with an almond based plant "butter" and coconut milk.


You can find all ingredient lists and nutritional information under the "Nutrition Info"tab on our main menu. All Keto items are sweetened with erythritol and alluose. We are a 100% gluten free bakery.

Shipping & Returns

We have restarted shippping most of our items again. Please see our "shippble desserts" menu for details. Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer returns. We are not responsible for products that are damaged or delayed in transit.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Price
Eat your cake first- OHiO

The cupcakes and bowl of icing were very good. I have been eating 1-2 every day sunce I received them. The cupcake was quite crumbly but wasn’t a big deal :) I’m so super excited I found you all and you ship to me!!!! Thank you 💚💙