We are proud to be Ohio's only sugar free, gluten free, low carb commercial bakery! Our mission is to make desserts that are not only delicious but also good for people that are diabetic, keto, or low carb. We are a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen and bake with nut flours. We sweeten our baked goods with plant based sweeteners, mainly erythritol and allulose. We provide full nutritional information and ingredient lists on our main menu. If you are coming to visit from somewhere far away, we recommend preordering online to ensure that you're able to purchase the items that you would like as we do occasionally sell out. Thanks for supporting our small business!

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  • Gluten Free Kitchen

    We are a 100% Gluten Free bakery and only bake with almond and coconut flour. We do not use any ingredients that contain wheat or gluten so there is no fear of cross contamination. We are currently working with NSF to obtain our GF certification.




    TUESDAY - 8AM - 2PM


    THURSDAY - 8AM - 2PM

    FRIDAY - 10AM - 6PM

    SATURDAY - 8AM - 2PM

    Please check our google listing for Holiday closings and special hours.

  • No Added Sugar

    Although some ingredients have a small amount of naturally occurring sugar, we do not add any table sugar to our products. We only sweeten our desserts with erythritol and allulose which are plant based sweeteners. These have a glycemic index of 0 and are proven to not affect your body's blood sugar.